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IT2BE was founded 2003 and is located in Emmerich Germany.
IT2BE is a privately owned company focussed on software development and consultancy.

Servoy Components

IT2BE was one of the first companies to recognize the strength and the future of the Servoy cross-platform application development and deployment environment.
Currently we are the leading developer of Servoy Plugins and Beans.

Servoy Plugins and Beans are developed using Java.
You can find out more about our Plugins and Beans here .

IT2BE emerged from a Servoy development company into a company providing Servoy consultancy, training and Components.
We are fully committed to the Servoy platform and work with Servoy and Servoy developers all over the world.

Servoy development and Java development

Upon your request we can help you with the design and/or development of your Servoy solution, Servoy component and Java application.
You can create a ticket (information request) or you can call us when you want more information.


Our clients are (potentially) all developers using Servoy.
Our clients are (potentially) all companies relying on Servoy.

It does not matter if you are working for a (larger) corporation, work alone or in a team or are an ISV.
We offer Plugins, Beans and Services that help you to push the envelope a little further...


Josefsweg 3
46446 Emmerich am Rhein