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Commercial Licenses

We offer four different Commercial License types. Which license applies is explained on the Components pages.

You need a Single Developer License * when you work on the Component with only one developer.

You need a Site License * when you work on the Component with a team of developers.

You need a Corporate License * when you deploy your solution within on corporate organization.

You need a Server license * when your solution uses a component served from one server.
The license is IP/Domain based.

* where applicable

You never pay deployment/runtime fees on top of our licenses.
However, when we make use of third party libraries our partners might charge such fees. Please check their license agreement (where applicable) for more information.

A Subscription fee is always included for the first year. After one year you are automatically billed for the next Subscription year.
With the Subscription fee your secure normal support (during our office hours) through the support system as well as minor and major updates and upgrades.
When you decide to cancel your subscription you will not be able to deploy (you can still download) newer releases of the Component.
Open Source License

When you use one of our Open Source Components you are using them under the terms of the FreeBSD license.

How to install your licenses

To install our Components and licenses you need our IT2BE Component Manager that you can download here .
We strongly suggest that you also download and read our IT2BE Manager Manual.

Attached to the license email you will find 3 files.
The most important file is your license file. It is named '0000000_runtime_license.txt'. This file contains all your commercial license strings.
The license string has to be included in your Servoy Solution before you call a Component for the first time.
The two other files are pdf's with our license agreement 'IT2BE License Agreement' and terms and conditions 'IT2BE Terms and Conditions' .

Lost email/files

You can always request your license files again. You can use the Component Manager for that.
Please make sure that you use the correct credentials and, when you have commercial licenses, that the email address of the original buyer is used.